About us

PICOTEC SDN BHD is focused on carrying only the finest quality IT-related products in the market, and as one of the leading computer companies in the country, we always provide the best service and assure that all our customers are treated with courtesy. It is our company's philosophy to focus on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. To meet our customers' expectations, we ensure that all our staffs, from sales people to IT technicians, will generate enthusiasm and respond with extra efforts when dealing with customers.We have made significant improvements over the last few years and we will continue to provide the best possible service for our customers. In return, we aim to be known for providing products and services that are reliable, fast and welcoming.

IT Product

PICOTEC makes quality computer, mobile device and other peripherals available with excellent price and after sale services.

IT Services

Our technician work everyday just to take care and fix your gadget peripherals, because in PICOTEC it is our happiness to give best IT services.

Quality Brand

Our products in PICOTEC are well-known brand for its performance and durability, giving you more benefits as a customer.

Leading IT

We welcome 1000+ of customers every month. From individual, resellers, businesses to big b company.


PICOTEC Sdn Bhd was registered and licensed on July 2002. The set-up of this Company which is wholly owned by Picotec Sdn Bhd was decided and agreed by board of Directors due to the fact that a special care and attention has to be provided to bring the best possible value to our customers. CICC provides IT consulting, development and care of applications computer centre services, providing IT equipment including system technology, user services product including software, hardware, services and maintenance.

Who We Are

16 years of experience in selling IT products, we are the leader in IT trading market in W.P.Labuan. Our offering came with range of quality and excellent brand to fulfill our customer need and desire.

What We Do

Selling more than 30+ brand in a single outlet and giving first-rate after sales service has become the staple in PICOTEC and well-known by our customers. Foremost, we want to serve you better.

Why Choose Us

Had serves more than 100,000 customers in 16 years making us the elite in delivering finest IT Products and services to our customers. Don't be hesitant, we can always assisst you to get your IT needs.