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It's gorgeous...congrats! You'll love her...I just recently got it in Ciel Bleu. It's my favorite bag. :-)  Congrats!!!! Louis Vuitton Outlet hmm.. slightly off topic, but I think if you had a pomme zippy, it could also double as a clutch. Louis Vuitton Monogram 

I have one.....use as hp pouch all along (though i smoked last time, i didn't use to contain my ciggies....dun bear to ruin it ) S264081




I was shopping at Williams Sonoma the other day, a SA asked me if my LV Totally PM was authentic since it was made in USA. LOL! I use public transit in different cities with my designer bags. It is not a problem. Make sure you don't look like an easy target.


I would get the idylle. I don't like the regular monogram on speedys ( personal preference ) and the idylle is less common on the streets and the pattern is more appealling thanks to the vintage faded look. On big minus on regular mono is the vachetta , vachetta can look ok old but it's rare and on speedys I find them often unattractive because the handles usually don't get an even patina , which is normal because hands can easily get dirty outside (compared to mono shoulder bags like delightful where the patina can turn out ok ) guess i don't like orange . Voting for idylle !

I was looking to get an Alma but was told that the only two colours now available are the ones that I do t like. So I'm stuck, do I two for another bag or get the bigger size in a colour that a do like but in which the size I wouldn't be happy with?If not what other bags in vernis do you suggest for a 20 year old? Louis Vuitton Outlet

LV Congrats on your goodies!

 Congrats! Louis Vuitton Handbags Louis Vuitton Purses I think I would rather spend a bit more and get the new "Evora". I think the Trevi is a bit too feminine for my liking lol. 

Louis Vuitton Outlet Hi everyone! So I am an America living in Amsterdam. I just purchase 2 LV's , one in Paris and one in Florence. I LOVE these bags! I don't feel that way you are describing in your post here in Europe but I know when I move back to the states, there will be a difference. I am going home to visit for Christmas and our friends are having a party. I am already thinking about what comments they will all have when I walk in with one of my bags. I am already planning to carry something else! I know I shouldn't feel this way but I do and it's so wrong!!! I'm with you with that "feeling" and not even home yet. Carrying LV monogram bags are second nature to fashionable European women. They are so classic and beautifully made. My girls will have beautiful bags someday. Am I wrong to think differently about some of the American views with LV monogram bags? Thanks for letting me share.